There Was No Air Oozing From Overhead Vent

I’ve never considered myself an airline snob, meaning I don’t have a certain airline that I like to fly with & I certainly don’t mind resting in economy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d cherish to rest in first class with all the special amenities like most people else, however it’s not so crucial that I’m willing to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

However, I had a horrible experience the other month that has made me reconsider the way I fly. I was taking a self-explanatory, 4 hour flight out west that wasn’t supposed to be a giant deal. I purchased the flight for the night time so I could watch a motion picture & possibly fall asleep to pass time! After resting in my seat for a few minutes though, I realized that there was no air flowing through the overhead air vents at my seat. Although I was hot, I wasn’t the kind of person to say anything about it. However, when the pilot said there were some technical difficulties & that we’d be resting at the terminal for over an hour before it was fixed, I knew I was in trouble, but no matter how much I wiggled the air vent, no air came out. I began to panic because I could feel my body overheating & there was no hope of cooling down. When I flagged down a flight attendant about the lack of air, she brushed it off & apologized. I sat in that seat covered in sweat, praying that I wouldn’t pass out from the lack of air. To this afternoon, I’m not sure how I endured the heat for over an hour without passing out. All I could know about was how much more comfortable I would’ve been if I were resting in first class.



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