The AC System Went Out Before Leaving For Vacation

Whenever my husband and I leave for vacation, I like to clean the house and get everything organized before leaving. I like having the peace of mind knowing that my house is in good shape before leaving because it makes me feel like I can relax more. There’s nothing worse than coming home to an unclean house, especially after you’ve been away for some time. My pre-vacation cleaning and organizing was no exception before leaving on our last vacation. However, moments before we stepped out the door, we heard a loud bang and pop coming from our AC unit. We waited a few minutes, and by the time our luggage was fully loaded into the car, we could no longer feel the cool air coming from any of the air vents. There was definitely something wrong with our AC system, but we had a flight to catch and not enough time to analyze the situation. My husband and I left the house knowing that our AC system was broken and it brought us down during the first day of our vacation. Neither of us felt like we could have a good time because we knew what was awaiting us back at home. In order to make the situation a little better, we called an HVAC technician and asked him to come service our AC system for us while we were away. Thankfully, my brother was able to meet the HVAC technician at the door since we couldn’t be there. When we returned, our AC system was up and running like nothing had ever happened!


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