I Assumed There Was a Humidity Problem

The condensation was on the outside of the window, not the inside

The heat and humidity levels in this area have been intense. I’m used to battling the heat and humidity to some degree since I’ve lived here my whole life, but recently, it’s been almost unbearable. I stay inside more often than not and I find myself chugging water in order to stay hydrated. Even my teenage daughter who loves to socialize and is very rarely home has been stationary because the heat and humidity are too much. Last weekend, when I woke up, I saw water marks on our window. The window had fogged up and it was dripping as the sun began to rise. I checked the temperature of our house, and the thermostat said what I expected. It was 73 degrees inside. However, it was already 80 degrees outside! The condensation on the windows made me panic, because I thought we had a humidity problem inside our house. I didn’t notice anything uncomfortable about the way the air felt, but the windows told me otherwise. My mind instantly began to worry about mold and mildew and how expensive it was going to be in order to get the humidity level under control. I told my husband about the condensation on the windows, so he went and examined it himself. After looking at it for a moment, he assured me that we were fine. The condensation was on the outside of the window, not the inside. If it were the opposite, then we’d have an issue. Thankfully, we didn’t have a humidity problem like I assumed.

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