I Should Have Hired The HVAC Professional

I’ve been trying to fix my air conditioning unit for a few weeks now.

It started giving me trouble after I heard a hissing sound coming from the condenser unit. I knew that sound wasn’t good, so I did my own research and found a couple possible solutions. I ended up tightening the coils and fan blade because that was what I thought was the biggest issue. Despite giving it my best efforts, it still didn’t fix the issues I was having with my AC unit. Technically, the hissing sound disappeared, but then I began experiencing other issues. In hindsight, I should have hired an HVAC technician, but I was convinced that I could do it myself and save some money. After the hissing sounds disappeared, I went to change the air filter. I will admit that I was ashamed by how long I’d let my HVAC system run without replacing the air filter, and I had a good guess that it could be the reason my AC system malfunctioned. After I replaced the air filter, I waited for my AC unit to start running smoothly again, but it never did. This is when I decided that I needed to hire an actual HVAC professional to come handle things properly. I told the HVAC professional all about my attempts to fix the AC unit, but he wasn’t impressed. He ended up lecturing me about how I should have called him sooner, because I could have caused a lot of serious damage since I didn’t know anything about HVAC equipment.

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