There Was A Hinky Fan Blade and Coil

Since the cooler weather is upon us, I decided that now was the best time to hire an HVAC worker to come service my HVAC system. I don’t anticipate turning on my furnace for at least another month, but the weather is unpredictable and I like to be ready. I also like to hire an HVAC worker before everyone else decides to do the same. I learned the difficult way that if I wait to call the HVAC company until I’m ready to turn on my furnace, after that I have to wait a entirely long time to have my HVAC system inspected. This not only frustrates me, but it frustrates the HVAC professionals who are booked and stressed for weeks on end. I like to hire an HVAC professional to service my HVAC system at least twice per year, because it gives me peace of mind when I run my cooling system or furnace. This year, I expected the HVAC professional to come and do his thing and be gone within 45 minutes like he usually does. However, he delivered bad news about my cooling system that I wasn’t expecting. According to him, he’d found a loose fan blade and loose coils… When he told me this, I had no idea how extreme the disfigurement was. My mind immediately went to the worst possible situation. Thankfully, the HVAC professional told me that he had already tightened both the fan blade and coils so there was no reason to stress. I’m so delighted he was able to service the issue, but I wish he would’ve led with that instead of creating me a brief moment of stress.
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