The Heating plus A/C Maintenance Deal

The Heating plus A/C company I use twice per year to service my Heating plus A/C system very rarely contacts me directly.

They are a well known plus reputable company with more than enough business, which means that they don’t need to contact me about business. This is fine because I don’t enjoy getting spammed, however it can be a little aggravating when it’s time for me to have my Heating plus A/C system inspected. No matter how early I call to make an appointment, there’s consistently a waiting list plus getting an appointment is difficult. This is why, when I received a flyer in the mail that flaunted their annual maintenance plan, I was totally on board. The annual fee covered two Heating plus A/C tune ups, priority scheduling, a discount on repairs, plus free on-site estimates, and i loved everything about this, but I especially loved the priority scheduling. I knew that if I joined the annual maintenance plan, I would benefit greatly by the priority scheduling because it would take the stress off of me. I felt like I was constantly trying to get my Heating plus A/C system inspected before the seasons changed, plus it was next to impossible to get seen on time. Now, I understand why. The Heating plus A/C company was giving their Heating plus A/C maintenance plan members first dibs, plus I wanted to join! Sure, the discount on parts plus two Heating plus A/C tune ups were great, however the priority scheduling has been the greatest benefit for me plus my home’s Heating plus A/C system. I wish I would have signed up sooner.

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