Taking Care of My Furnace All Season

Even though I hire an HVAC professional to come service my HVAC system twice per year, I still like to take care of my HVAC system myself.

I believe that it’s not enough to simply hire an HVAC professional twice per year, because there are so many things that can happen in between those tune ups that need to be handled right away.

With the cooler weather approaching, I’ve been completing my own furnace maintenance checklist in order to ensure that my furnace is protected throughout the winter season. The first thing I do is vacuum my furnace. If you’ve never done this before, it can sound strange, however, it keeps my equipment clean and free of debri that could cause issues later on. Next, I replaced the air filter. Typically, the HVAC professional will do this when they service the HVAC system, so I replace it a few months later. In doing so, my filter stays clean and the air can flow freely without causing stress to my furnace. Lastly, I go around and seal all holes within my ductwork. This takes a bit of time because I have to find the holes, but once I locate the escaping air, I seal the holes off with metal tape. With the holes sealed up, I’m able to keep my heated air inside my house and increase the efficiency. Doing all of this keeps my furnace running at its optimal performance and I save money in the long run. I can’t believe all homes don’t do this.

Air conditioning technician