I chose to repair when replacement was probably smarter

When I bought my first house everyone told me I was too young to be a homeowner.

  • I graduated from school and wanted to live on my own though.

I got a job teaching at a Chicago, IL school and wanted to live close without renting. I bought my house and loved it. It became clear that I was good at cooking, cleaning, and going to work. I was not so good at home upkeep. There is a lot to do to keep a house going well. The HVAC, eclectic, and plumbing is just daunting for a girl in her 20s. Last year I had a huge issue going on with my air conditioner. The cooling system just wouldn’t turn on. I tried Google, called a handyman, my father, and nobody could fix it. I then threw in the towel and just got an air conditioning business in Chicago, IL to make the fix. The guy did a great job but it was a doozy. Apparently, there was a motor issue and it had to be completely replaced. The actual repair was super expensive and quite close to buying a whole new unit. So he laid out my options and asked if I wanted repair or replacement. I felt young in that situation since I wasn’t sure what the smart move was. I chose repair to save the money and now I think I made a mistake. Now I have an older system with a new motor that isn’t too efficient. If I had sprung a little more money, I would have a brand new, energy-smart unit.


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