Added hydronic heating to my dream house

My husband and I toured lots of homes before we settled on our ideal one.

The house was renovated and added onto a bunch of times though.

The size almost doubled and the heating equipment couldn’t keep up during the winter season. So when I bought the place, my husband and I knew a heating upgrade was necessary. I did the research and I planned on buying a furnace that hooked to ductwork. When I called my local heating business they actually talked me into a boiler system. A boiler doesn’t need ductwork to create even heating. The way I am using my boiler is through pping hooked to it and then spread throughout my home. All my flooring was redone to accommodate pipes that have hot water flow through them. As the boiler heats the warm, it flows through the pipes and creates even heating. This style of heating is silent, efficient, and effective. I don’t even notice it is there until I feel my warm toes. Because the heat is kept at the lower level, I am able to lower the thermostat since I naturally feel warmer. Anything that touches hydronic heaters feels warm as a result. It is like having a heated bed, couch, and chairs in my household. It was worth every penny spent. I got my dream house and ended up with an ideal heating system. The boiler is said to last almost 50 years as long as I get it regularly serviced. The flooring will last around 20 years, but I will want to redo them anyway.

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