Feeling hot air out of the vents

For a long time I was just living with inferior AC conditions.

Living in Chicago, IL, you do need proper AC in order to be comfortable.

I couldn’t figure out what it was. I would turn on the AC and the air coming out of the vents was warm. I had an air conditioner repairman over to the house and he added more coolant. I then called a different cooling repair business and they cleaned the inside of the system and the ductwork. Nothing was wrong with it. I finally did some real hard googling to find a professional Chicago AC repair company. This AC repairman was way better. He actually had a uniform, was certified, and the business was rated highly favorable on google. It cost way more money but was worth it. The guy checked over everything and then realized it was my outdoor unit. The outdoor air compressor was tilted to the side. All the coolant flowed to one side of the device and when it turned on, no coolant was being blown into the house. That is why I had hot air. So after a few blocks to level the outdoor unit, I was back in business. The guy charged me a reasonable amount for a Chicago AC repair. Living in the city you kind of expect everything to be pricey. The guy quoted me low and did a great job. I saved the AC repair business’ number since they will be my go-to HVAC dealer from now on. I am glad my AC repair turned out to be so small.

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