Bought a heat pump for zone control

My husband and I don’t share a room.

That always shocks people and they assume we are about to break up. The truth is that the two of us don’t sleep well together. He snores and I am a light sleeper. He gets up early and I stay up late. I like to read in bed and he wants to watch TV. The worst is that he loves to blast the air conditioning and I want the heater on. It made sense to get two rooms and sleep separately. I have a very sparse room. Just a bed, dresser, and desk. I then stay up late reading, roaming around and can sleep in. The best is running the heating function from my heat pump. My husband is a pack rat and can barely close his door. He watches TV and then gets up at 5 am. He has the AC blasting and the overhead fan on. We can have separate HVAC zones due to owning a heat pump. That is the best feature in my opinion. Having customized heating and cooling settings just keeps the peace. My husband has AC and I have heating and nobody is affected. I can blast the AC when I cook in the kitchen but my husband gets the heater in the living room. Unused rooms aren’t getting HVAC and upping our bill. The system lives longer and produces lower energy bills as a result. There are other benefits to owning a heat pump system, but for me, zone control will always be the most appealing factor. Nobody has a set temperature they can agree on. Zone control makes sense.
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