I Purchased The Wrong A/C Unit

When I moved out west, I had no idea how sizzling the daily temperatures got.

  • I knew it was warmer out here compared to where I was living before, however I didn’t know the extent of it.

The home I bought was in good shape, however it needed a brand up-to-date A/C unit. I knew this before purchasing the house, however it was in such a good location that I couldn’t dream of passing it up. I thought that buying a up-to-date A/C component was easy, so I bought the home plus vowed to have the A/C component upgraded before Summer arrived. I found an A/C component for sale at a discount store plus the price seemed absolutely superb compared to what I had been looking at online. I bought the A/C component plus tied up a time with the local HVAC company to have an HVAC professional come install the up-to-date A/C component for me. I told them how I needed to have my aged A/C component detached plus detached plus the up-to-date A/C component put into its place. They were happy to do it, so my friend and I tied up a time. I was so gleeful for my up-to-date A/C component plus the efficiency it would bring to my house. When the HVAC professional started ripping out the aged A/C component though, he told me that the up-to-date one I bought was the wrong size! It was too small for the house, so it wouldn’t run efficiently because it would work twice as difficult to produce cool air. This was devastating news, however I’m glad he told me before it was too late.


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